About Gloria Gallegos

In her professional capacity in the field of education, Gloria has served the citizens of Pasadena for the past 35 years in a variety of roles.  She began her career as an elementary school teacher and worked her way up to become the Associate Superintendent of Special Programs for the Pasadena Independent School District.

For the past 16 years, Gloria has successfully managed PISD’s Federal Programs with a budget in excess of 23 million.  Her ongoing efforts are aimed at helping the students and families of Pasadena succeed by improving family literacy, promoting a safe and drug free school environment, and improving teacher quality.  Additionally, her foresight and talents have helped create various district-wide programs including HOSTS (Helping One Student to Succeed), develop and implement a dual language program, and initiate counselor parent coordinator and behavioral intervention programs.  Additionally, Gloria has generated an additional 8 million in revenue through SHARS (School Health and Related Services).

Gloria is a member of the American Leadership Forum and has demonstrated her persistent commitment to the city of Pasadena by serving as a member of the board of directors for the City of Pasadena’s Community Development Board, City of Pasadena Crime Control Board, the PISD Education Foundation, and Bayshore Hospital, as well as Neighborhood Centers.  Additionally, she serves as cabinet member for PISD’s Superintendent of Schools.

Other community activities include serving as a member of the Pasadena Rotary Club and as a City of Pasadena Diplomat.  She has also served on the City of Pasadena’s Obscenity Committee and Charter Review Commission. Furthermore, she previously served as an Executive Board Member of the Texas Association of School Administrators.